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"Skillfully written and consistently entertaining, Once There Was Fire is an extraordinary work of literature, a compelling read from beginning to end, and unreservedly recommended, especially for community library collections."

​--Midwest Book Review

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This is the epic novel of old Hawaii James Michener never wrote

​​​The Hawaiian people lived in an isolated Eden and fought over it for centuries. When pale strangers with ‘pointed heads’, strange ‘skins’, and magical weapons came from beyond the horizon on ‘floating islands’, the Hawaiians thought they were gods. One man understood these ‘gods’ were men, and that their arrival had changed everything for his people. He would go on to defeat his rivals, unite the Hawaiian Islands, and found a new kingdom at the crossroads of the Pacific Ocean. His name was Kamehameha.

Pai'ea Press

"What makes this historical novel impressive is its author's feel for his epic subject matter, and his ability to tell the story so lyrically, with a Hawaiian lilt to the language...this page turner vividly paints a way of life worlds apart from the one we now know on Hawaii's shores."
--Rick Chatenever, Maui News

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